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January 1

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March 1

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March 30

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May 27-29

Meeting Dates

The 7th International Forum on Statistics of Renmin University of China

The 9th China-R Conference

The 2016 Baifendian Data and Value Forum

This is probably the best of times for statistics.

The rapid advance of information technology makes massive data collection feasible–the big-data era has arrived. Indeed, for the past several years, we have experienced the fast development of various big-data related industries (e.g. biomedical, finance, mobile internet, and telematics). Without any doubt, a huge demand is being generated for data science, for which statistics should play a significant contribution.

This is probably the worst of times for statistics.

The big-data related sciences and industries are developing too quickly. This has led to a proliferation of massive datasets with complicated structures. In many cases, we find existing statistical model cannot fit this non-structured data. Very often, we find MLE cannot be computed for massive data. Clearly, our domain knowledge for many emerging big-data related industries and sciences is so limited that the development of the discipline of statistics is very much challenged both globally and domestically.

To cope with these challenges, we need a platform to exchange opinions and discuss ideas. To this end, Renmin University of China, Capital of Statistics, Peking University, and Baifendian Information Technology are working together to present the largest statistics conference ever in China. This joint conference will feature the following three parties:

  1. The International Forum on Statistics (IFS), started in 2004, is a biannual international conference sponsored by the School of Statistics at Renmin University of China and the Department of Statistics at London School of Economics and Political Science. The objective of IFS is to bring together active researchers both internationally and domestically. It has been one of the most influential international conference on statistics in China, and this year will mark its 7th international forum!
  2. The China-R Conference (CRC), started in 2008, is organized by Capital of Statistics (COS). The objective of CRC is to provide a free sharing platform to lead more people know about, promote and develop statistical methodology and its applications in different areas. As one of the largest data science conferences in China, CRC has already attracted tens of thousands of people to participate. The 8th CRC has been held in six cities in 2015, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Xi’an and Wuhan. Peking University hosted the CRC in Beijing in 2015, which attracted more than 4000 registrations. 2016 will mark the 9th CRC.
  3. The Data and Value Forum (DVF), started in 2014, is an annual conference initiated by Business Intelligence Research Center (BIRC) of Peking University. The objective of DVF is to promote statistics application in industry, with a particular focus on mobile internet, telematics, and quantitative investments. This year, BIRC and Baifendian, a big-data practitioner and leading figure in the Chinese big-data industry, will host the Baifendian Data and Value Forum.

The theme of this joint conference is: Big Statistics and Data Science. The objective is multi-fold. First, we wish to bring together active researchers both domestically and internationally. By doing so, research ideas can be exchanged and statistical theory can be promoted. Second, we wish to bring together statistical researchers and industry practitioners, with a particular focus on Chinese big data related industries. By doing so, statistical ideas can be inspired by industry application, while industry practice can benefit from statistical theory. To accomplish this goal, we have received support from: Baifendian, QuantTech, Kaola, and many other industry partners.

We wish to take this opportunity to promote statistics contribution to data science. We wish the voice of statistics to be loudly heard in data science. This leads to the conference theme: Big Statistics and Data Science. The topic of this joint conference is broad–anything related to data analysis, regardless of whether it is a theoretical or applied work. To promote statistical application in the big data industry, the conference particularly welcome those researchers who focus on big data related industry problems.

The conference is to be held at Renmin University of China on May 27 to 29 in 2016.

Participants are invited to send the abstracts of their papers to (Miss Li Shen, Miss Cheng Yao) before March 1, 2016.

Participation is free of charge. Participants are encouraged to register on the conference website ( before March 30, 2016. Due to the limited capacity of the venue, please register as early as possible.

We look forward to meeting you in Beijing!

Organizing Committee of the joint conference on BSDS

January, 2016